Bright Designs under X Window System


Figure 5.2. LightX11

This design uses a beige-white-gray colour scheme, following the Clearlooks theme. Clearlooks is the target environment for this design.

There are some spot colors in it, but they don’t work well with beige-gray white space. It tends to look rather like plastic toys.

The background is a solid colour, the design is therefore very performant… needs little CPU-Power.

lightX11 has a medium high contrast and needs a bright illuminated environment. It´s not suitable for dark rooms and likewise not for persons with hyper-sensitive eyesight.

It should be used to blend Jeszra within a dominant desktop environment such as KDE or gnome.

The Gray design has a slightly higher contrast than lightX11. It is also cleaner and more stylish than lightX11.

An entire gray design has a stark tendency to become dull. The gray design desperately needs colour in order to counteract dullness. This is the purpose of the »seagreen1« background colour, which features the same contrast as the dominant gray. In addition, some spot colours are left over in the design.

Colourful icons are also useful to counteract the present gray.

The gray design is better usable than lightX11. The sophisticated radial background gradient lets gray stand out from it’s surrounding environment.

The Scripttool uses a mixed green and gray gradient, repeating the colours from both the conventional Graphical User Interface (gray) and the green from the palettes.

Background gradients, such as used inside the Scripttool, are expensive performance wise. The machine had better be built after 2005.