Jeszra on AQUA®

Figure 5.1. Aqua under AQUA®

aqua.tcl is the Jeszra´s Graphical User Interface under AQUA®. AQUA® does not require any extra effort from the software designer addressing visual disabilities. Usability Support is built-in the windowing system itself. Hence, the single objective for this design is its integration with AQUA®.

Visual Differences

  • Toolbar and title are not unified.

  • The screen-shot was made with Tk 8.4, and does not show the customize button inside the title bar. This feature requires Tk 8.5 or higher.

  • No triangles in the hierarchy view.

The tabset is used for visual and cross-platform reasons instead of radiobutton groups.

Judging from the current adoption under AQUA® it seams rather doubtful, that the radiobutton group design will replace conventional tabsets.