Chapter 7. Template Interfaces

Table of Contents

Option Database
Functional Aspects

The Chapter 2, Windows and Geometry Manager introduced palettes. These palettes combine composite and common window types, readily available for design work.

The palettes, bundled with Jeszra, only contain libraries used by Jeszra itself.

A class procedure is being used to create an instance (window) of a specific class or template. Class has a double meaning in Tcl/Tk: Windows of the same class have the same properties and actions; it although constitutes an Option Database resource set, shared by all instances.

A template, created with Jeszra, also constitutes a window class. The property set, of these new classs, are defined in the »Inspector`s« »Interface« section. Properties from internal elements are published through the template interface. The new »interface properties« are later used exactly like an ordinary window property.

The new template may even make its way into a palette; from where it can be used as an element of another new templates.

In fact, the templates from the section called “Gestalt Items” are created with Jeszra, as is the entire Jeszra Graphical User Interface.