Chapter 2. Windows and Geometry Manager

Table of Contents

Tcl/Tk Geometry Managers
All-Purpose Geometry Manager
Canvas, Text, Panedwindow
The Tk Palette
Gestalt Items
Runtime Library

Jeszra supports more than 15 different Tcl/Tk geometry managers.

Other geometry managers are part of specific window classes: WM is built into menus and toplevel, text in text windows, htext in BLT htext windows, table in tktable table window, canvas in canvas and pathCanvas windows, zincwindow in zinc windows, paned in paned windows, and almost every tabset or notebook window features its own geometry manager, too.

Window specific geometry managers are usually named indentical to the window class, but starting with a lower case character. Exceptions from this informal rule are »PathCanvas« which uses canvas and »Zinc« with zincwindow.

Unfortunately, the TkTable’s built-in geometry manager follows the informal naming convention. Hence there are two »table« geometry managers. A general purpose geometry manager »table« from BLT and a built-in geometry manager inside the table window.

The most important embedded geometry managers are the drawing windows TkZinc 3.3.4, canvas and text, htext. TkZinc 3.3.4 and canvas geometry managers behave similar to place. They also provide the ability to scroll content, which is an important feature for very big Graphical User Interfaces.

The text based geometry managers feature a float-like design. Embedded windows are treated as glyphs.