Chapter 6. Vector Graphics

Table of Contents

Graphic Palettes
Tk Canvas
TkZinc 3.3.4
Creating Graphical Objects
Creating an Graphical Object
Interactive Object Creation
Using Splines
Abridged Chapter
Importing Scalable Vector Graphics

From its early days onward Tcl/Tk contained a vector graphics window: »canvas«. This canvas window provides interactive graphical objects. Graphical objects behave quite similar to ordinary windows. Even animations are available since Tcl/Tk 8.3.

The canvas vector graphics abilities are far to limited for visualization purposes. There are however 3rd party visualization systems such as the following:

In addition there are also 3D visualization packages available for Tcl/Tk, but these are not yet supported by Jeszra.

Jeszra extensively supports vector graphics. Jeszra provides a wide range of direct manipulations for vector graphic objects.

Graphics Manipulation

As listed in Graphics Manipulation, Jeszra’s vector graphics features are already extensive.

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