Inside Documentation

The snowwhite design is almost devoid of colour and texture. Snowwhite´s sole purpose is to be used inside of documentation. The Scalable Vector Graphics created from snowwhite, is simpler and thus easy to convert into other graphic formats. Many Scalable Vector Graphics capable applications still have trouble with »radialGradient«, semi-transparent gradients, embedded fonts, layered gradients, multiple viewports and clipping... all of which are being deployed by Jeszra. Snowwhite minimizes gradient in particular.

Snowwhite is intended to be used for creating documentation, and not as a Graphical User Interface. Snowwhite features an extremely high contrast, light design and thus could be used under bright conditions. Snowwhite is clearly not suitable for people with hyper-sensitive eyesight.

Snow(white) Crash

The Snowwhite design may crash Jeszra. This did happen with Tk 8.4 while posting a context menu inside the hierarchy view.

The same effect occurred with lightX11, but the issue could be resolved by changing the context menu´s colour to gray.

Gstripes is disabled in both designs for the affected context menu.