Gestalt Items

Figure 2.14. Gestalt Items

Gestalt Items Palette

Toolbar, Goolbar, Zoolbar

The »goolbar« template creates a toolbar window. This toolbar window has an interface similar to a Tk Menu.

Supported toolbar items are: command, radiobutton, checkbutton, varspace and separator. The naming and meaning is identical to their menu counterpart.

varspace and separator are white space elements, used for grouping and spatial orientation.

Only a single varspace item is allowed.

Toolbars are frequently used inside of Jeszra. In truth the Figure 2.14, “Gestalt Items”, a »galette« is implemented by a toolbar.

Differences to AQUA® Graphical User Interface

  • Supports vector graphics via symbol fonts.

  • Supports sophisticated vector graphics, based on Tk Canvas, TkPath or TkZinc 3.3.4.

Push, command

A toolbar item, fashioned after menu command.

Radio, radiobutton

A toolbar item, fashioned after the menu radiobutton.

Check, checkbutton

A toolbar item, fashioned after the menu checkbutton.

Cust..Tools, Gooleditor

The second element inside the Gestalt Items toolbar system.

Gooleditor implements an interactive toolbar customization dialog. This dialog is fashioned after the AQUA® Graphical User Interface.

Major difference to the AQUA® toolbars: Drag'n'Drop is only possible inside the gooleditor itself.

Palette, galette

In brief: a scroll able toolbar.

Every palette inside this book is a galette.

Edit..Listbox, gistbox

An editable listbox.

Gistbox is a replacement for comboboxes. The gistbox emphasis: display the contents of a edit able listbox.

The listbox used inside a gistbox can be a Tk listbox, rtl_mlistbox, hugelist, tablelist...

Not shown nor included in Figure 2.14, “Gestalt Items” is the Gstripes template. Gstripes alters the visual representation of a dialog. Gstripes is thus not normally used during the layout phase, but should be included later.

Almost every figure in this document features Gstripes; even those made on AQUA®!