The Script Tool
Customize the Script Tool

Jeszra is written in the scripting language Tcl/Tk. Individual scripts can be used within Jeszra, either by sourcing them from the customization files »tcledit.tcl«, »tcltest.tcl«, by using »source« from the »shell« or loading Tcl-scripts from the »File« menu entry: »Import Source ...«.

In addition, every user interaction is monitored. Uuse The Script Tool »record« function activate monitoring, whenever repetition is necessary. The Script Tool is located underneath the palettes .

Jeszra uses the Tcl/Tk history mechanism for monitoring. Hence all interactions in the terminal or Jeszra´s own »Shell« are also recorded.

The first Script Tool entry »Record...« initiates and records interactions with Jeszra.

The recording mechanism is based on the Tcl history facility. Activating record simply clears the history and starts a new »history« session. The accumulated history is later analyzed and presented to you as a rough script, for further refinement.