Bundled DocBook Files

The Documentation sub directory contains a large quantity of .xml DocBook files. These files are the DocBook sources of the Jeszra Library, Gestalt Items and Runtime Library manual pages.

Listing each DocBook file would fill a chapter of its own. I will therefore only discuss a single template »gfilter« from the Jeszra Library.

Example 11.13. Gfilter DocBook Files




The file refeygfilter.xml is the refentry document, generated by Jeszra. This file is created from the source code and contains the documentation of commands. Entities include the different property documents into the refentry document. Gfilter Properties are: -command, -group, -items, -okfcn. The file gfilter.xml is neither a command nor a property. gfilter.xml contains the general description of the template gfilter. Jeszra normally extracts this description from the source code, but omits the extraction, if an external description such as gfilter.xml can be found.

The sub directory gfilter holds all non-shared properties for the gfilter template and the template description.

The property files command.xml, group.xml, items.xml and okfcn.xml document specific gfilter properties. These property files are not shared with any other template. Shared properties have to be put into the Documentation directory. gfilter does not share properties with any other template.

The sub directory pictures contains all figures and bitmaps used inside the mentioned manual pages.

The figure gfilterscreenshot.svg is referenced through a »fileref« from the gfilter description file gfilter.xml. gfilterscreenshot.svg is generated by Jeszra, too. The font, used inside gfilterscreenshot.svg, is bitstream vera sans. The font is included through the stylesheet as a css-font for html and as an embedded font in the FOP configuration file. The same TrueType® font is being used in both cases.