The Allerlei Palette is Jeszra’s orphanage. Single windows or templates will find a place inside this palette.

In cases were more than four items are needed, to cover the functionality of a given package, it will lose its place inside of Allerlei. I am not going to include a new palette for such packages in Jeszra. Design and test of new palettes and packages is best performed by their authors. In case of the current Allerlei: »TkTable« occupies four items and thus is likely being the first one to be expelled from Allerlei.

Figure 2.16. Allerlei Palette

Some items inside Figure 2.16, “Allerlei Palette” are disabled. This is an indicator that the required package is not available (installed on the machine) to Jeszra. Here: TkTable (Table Spreadsheet), Tablelist (Table Listbox) and TreeCtrl (TreeCtrl Hierarchy) are disabled.

Allerlei Items

Table Listbox, Tablelist

A multi column listbox.

Tablelist is a composite window. based on the Tk Text window. It is a replacement for Tk’s Listbox.

No proper Scalable Vector Graphics can be generated for the internal used text window. Scalable Vector Graphics generation for tablelist is however technically feasible, by following the logic and reusing the listbox Scalable Vector Graphics generation. Difficulties may still arise for embedded images.

TreeCtrl Hierarchy, TreeCtrl

A hierarchy window implemented in C.

No Scalable Vector Graphics can be generated for this window.

Virtual Listbox, Hugelist

Hugelist is a composite window replacing the Tk listbox. It can be used inside of rtl_mlistbox, rtl_gridwin, rtl_combobox and gistbox.

Hugelist uses a canvas window internally, hence it is possible to generate Scalable Vector Graphics from it.

Hugelist separates contents from display and is thus able to deal with very large lists, but not with on-demand data gathering.

Table Spreadsheet, Table, Cell, Row, Column

TkTable is a spreadsheet like window.

Every visual aspect can be configured inside of Jeszra.

The pseudo items: »Cell«, »Row« and »Column« are used to visually layout the spreadsheet.

The built-in Table (name clash with BLT table) geometry manager is supported.

Data, technically the »sheet« itself, is ignored by the Jeszra’s code generation. I do not use this control myself and decided to leave specifying this part to people, who actually use it.

No Scalable Vector Graphics is generated for TkTable.