Environment Variables
Settings Variables

This Figure 11.1, “The General Preferences” deals with interactive settings. For example interactive dialogs, whenever a new item is inserted. And which project type Jeszra shall use on startup.

The bottom section inside Figure 11.1, “The General Preferences” allows the live editing of Jeszra.

Figure 11.3. Advanced Settings

The Figure 11.3, “Advanced Settings” preference page presents mixed customization settings. Here scripts are assigned to the project creation. And the DocBook interactive editor is activated.

The DocBook editor appears after modifying a template interface.

The bottom section of Figure 11.3, “Advanced Settings”, displays coding related settings, which allow the complete control over the used coding model.

»tclEdit«, is the main script, used by Jeszra whenever a new project is opened or created. An alternative »tclEdit« can be used to alter the coding model.