Experimental Layout using Pack

Pack at a Glance
A Simple Gridwin using Pack
Summary Pack Layout

Pack is the oldest general purpose geometry managers in Tk.

Figure 4.1. Filtered Pack Properties

»Pack« operates on a spatial geometry model. Any window managed by »pack« is oriented toward a side or corner of its container window – mostly the parent window. This allows for surprisingly simple configuration code, but it’s also a stark limitation layout-vise! See Figure 4.2, “Pack is Spatial Oriented”

Figure 4.2. Pack is Spatial Oriented

The three frames in Figure 4.2, “Pack is Spatial Oriented” are packed in the following order: »black« -side left -fill y, »gray« -side top -fill x and »red« -side bottom. Expand is set to »1« for red. At most, three windows can be layouted inside a single region through »pack«.