proc packageDescription { template ubuffer }
proc packageExtractDescription { template ubuffer }
proc describePackage { template description }
proc uplevelExtraction buffer
proc refentry {
     template properties 
     {actions {}}
     {dependencies {}}
     {description {}}

The module description follows the same rules outlined for commands. The commentary analysis is currently separated from »describe« –for technical reasons. The analysis is currently performed through the procedure uplevelExtraction.

»describe« and »uplevelExtraction« will be unified in the future.

As already mentioned, the template description is normally generated from the source code, there are however two exceptions:

proc packageDefaultDescription template

provides the fall-back description, whenever there is no description whatsoever available.

The main working procedure for describing the module is:

proc packageExtractDescription {
   template ubuffer

; this procedure selects the method.


proc describePackage { template description }

, note the similarity to »describe«, »describeProperty« is used to compose the description. »describePackage« is also deployed, when Jeszra queries for the »Template Description«.

At last the procedure »refentry« is called to combine all the gathered pieces into a single DocBook refentry , manual page.