Chapter 1. Code Generation Overview

Table of Contents

Jeszra Premier Languages
Tcl and the Tk Model
Scalable Vector Graphics Language and Model
Jeszra Secondary Languages
Scalable Vector Graphics on the Horizon

This working paper provides an overview over the Jeszra code generation and contains a collection of related manual pages. The Jeszra code generation distinguishes between premier, secondary models and languages.

Jeszra directly reads and writes in a Jeszra premier language. Jeszra is a two-way tool for these language. Currently Tcl and SVG are Jeszra premier languages.

Jeszra secondary languages enjoy cross-language support through Jeszra. Examples are: Ruby, Python, Lisp and DocBook. A template written in Tcl/Tk is exported by Jeszra for a Jeszra secondary language. A Jeszra secondary language becomes a Jeszra premier language, in addition, whence Jeszra gains the ability to import projects written in these language. This step is henceforth called the second integration phase.

Each project and the associated code generation is hosted in a separate interpreter. In practices further models: such as webkit based SVG or gnocl are feasible and desirable.

All the manual pages inside this paper are compiled, by Jeszra, from source code and DocBook fragments.