Scalable Vector Graphics on the Horizon

Tk is a conventional Graphical User Interface Toolkit. The importance of Graphical User Interface-toolkits is dwindling. Two diverse technologies are the driving forces in Graphical User Interface-design today:

Jeszra itself will and must follow this transitions! Jeszra will adopt Scalable Vector Graphics as its own Graphical User Interface. Every part of Jeszra is currently a resolution independent vector graphic; allowing for a clean migration path toward Scalable Vector Graphics.

Classical Toolkits will still play their part in the foreseeable future. An application, created with Jeszra and its libraries: Runtime Library and Gestalt Items will have both: a conventional toolkit based Graphical User Interface and one made with Scalable Vector Graphics.

Converting Jeszra´s Graphical User Interface to Scalable Vector Graphics requires some additional work. All the inherent geometry management must be present within Jeszra with SVG as-well. The current Jeszra secondary languages Ruby / Tk, Python / Tkinter and Lisp / LTK are better suited for the initial transition toward Scalable Vector Graphics than Tcl.

I intend to use one of these languages as the pioneer-project for the Scalable Vector Graphics transition.